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Notices for direction and choreography

“Ingenious staging” – Fort Worth Weekly Best 2019

“The beautiful wordplay that takes place on stage, combined with soft, impressive lighting effects and direction and staging that take on an ethereal quality, make this production feel like a dreamy fairytale with a healthy dose of dystopia thrown in.”
– Susie Potter, Triangle Arts and Entertainment 3/25/19 (Where Words Once Were by Finnegan Kruckemeyer, Theatre Raleigh – Raleigh, NC)

“Putterman’s direction is stunning throughout the evening.”
– John Garcia, The Column  9/22/18 (Disney’s Newsies, Lyric Stage – Dallas, TX)

“A play whose action largely takes place on the water presents special challenges to a director. Here, director Noah Putterman finds ingenious ways of making barrels, boxes, and stools stand in for the seats in the boats.”
– Kristian Lin, Fort Worth Weekly 10/31/18

“Circle Theatre’s production of this innovative play is artistically exquisite.”
– Ann Saucer,  The Column 10/20/18

(Men on Boats by Jaclyn Backhaus, Circle Theatre – Fort Worth, TX)

“Beautifully executed, Putterman’s production visually delights with its imaginative make believe retelling of the classic tale […] Neverland soars thanks to the power of imagination, captivating swordplay, and capable direction.”
– Lark Wallis-Johnston, 2/15/17 (Neverland by Julian Butler, Casa Mañana Theatre – Fort Worth, TX)

The balance between the actors versus stuffed dolls animating the animals is just right, and is a tribute not only to Noah Putterman, who directed this tour, but also to Emma Earle, who helmed the original version […] I made a note that the choreographer responsible for the stylish movement was a production MVP.”
– Christopher Henley, 12/27/17 (Mr. Poppers Penguins – The Kennedy Center, D.C.)

“Beautifully staged and sung.”
– Punch Shaw, Star-Telegram /, 12/2/14 (Here Comes Santa Claus – Casa Mañana Theatre – Fort Worth, TX)

How I Became a Pirate has a full deck of lively songs, great ensemble singing and terrific choreography from Noah Putterman.”
– Jan Farrington,, 3/24/14. (How I Became a Pirate by Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman – Casa Mañana Theatre – Fort Worth, TX)

“Illuminates the human feelings at stake in each situation.”
– Leslie Gordon, Plays To See, 10/6/16 (A Year With Frog and Toad)

Notices for acting

“Noah Putterman does an excellent turn as Israel Peterman, the up-and-coming financial investor
-Melanie Simmons, Triangle Arts & Entertainment,
6/2/19 (JUNK)

“The production opens strong with Noah Putterman in the role of Mark Cohen. Putterman plays it just right, less manic than most and without too much action or embellishment that might take away from the accuracy or clarity of his vocals. But he’s not too buttoned-up, either. It’s clear that he’s having a blast during songs like ‘Tango: Maureen’ and ‘What You Own,’ and that makes him a lot of fun to watch.”
– Jessica Fritsche,, 3/2/16 (RENT)

“…one of the funniest songs, “Tango: Maureen,” sung by Mark, her ex-lover (played with tender verve by Noah Putterman…”
– Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News, 3/1/16 (RENT, Casa Mañana)

“Casa’s director of children’s theater Noah Putterman, as the tailor Motel, and Shayne Kennon, as the rabble-rouser Perchik, stand out among those six players,”
– Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 9/28/15 (Fiddler on the Roof)

“Among the standouts of the strong cast […] Noah Putterman brings nervous, earnest charm to Motel.”
– Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News, 9/28/15 (Fiddler on the Roof)

“Putterman’s depiction of the nervous tailor Motel provides frequent charm and comedic relief.
Kyle West, BroadwayWorld Dallas, 9/29/15 (Fiddler on the Roof)

“Noah Putterman, who oversees youth theatre at Casa, makes a rare, onstage appearance that reveals him to be as adept at singing and acting as he is at administration.”
– Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/22/15 (Les Miserables)

“Noah Putterman also deserves mention for his lovely and poignant tenor falsetto musical interludes that punctuated plot points and scene changes.”
– Christine Sarkes, Aisle Say – Twin Cities, 1/21/13 (As You Like It, The Acting Company/Guthrie Theater)

“Putterman’s extraordinary voice really raises the roof on ‘A World Without You’, when Adam must choose whether to follow Eve or remain with Father in the garden.”
– Sue Merrell, Pride Source, 6/23/11 (Children of Eden, Hope Summer Repertory)


The Column Awards 2018 (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

  • Best Play (AEA) – Men On Boats, Circle Theatre (Director)
  • Best Musical (AEA) – Disney’s Newsies, Lyric Stage (Director)

BroadwayWorld Dallas:

  • Best Direction – Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
  • Best Overall Youth Production (Musical) – Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Director)
  • Best Original Script and/or Score – Santa Claus: The New Musical (Book)
  • BroadwayWorld Dallas – Best Supporting Actor – Motel, Fiddler on the Roof at Casa Mañana

Fort Worth Weekly “Reader’s Choice Awards” – Best Production Staged by a Local Theatre Company in 2015″ – Big Fish (Director)

Fort Worth Child Magazine  “Best for Families” – “Best Children’s Theatre” 2014-2016: Casa Mañana Theatre (Director of Theatre for Youth)

2005 YoungArts Winner (Theater) and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts (PSA)

Online & print features

“Rocking the Boat” by Jan Farrington, (10/16/18)
A conversation with three actors, two nonbinary and all of color, and the director, on representation in Jaclyn Backhaus’ Men on Boats.

Photo by Tim Long

“Casa Mañana’s Putterman young at heart” by Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (12/8/14) 

noah-putterman-006 Photo by Rebecca Adler

When Noah Putterman, director of children’s theater and education at Casa Mañana, loads up his troupe Wednesday to perform his Christmas show Here Comes Santa Claus in the atrium of Cook Children’s hospital, it might look like a typical day for someone who must wear as many hats as his job requires.

But, then again, it may not be.

“There is no typical day. I go into work with a list of things I intend to accomplish that day. But, by the end of the day, it is not at all the list I go through. I never know what is going to happen,” the 27-year-old Putterman says with a smile.

Full article

“Childhood friends reunite for lead roles in Casa Mañana’s ‘Rent’” by Mark Lowry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (2/25/16) 

rent2 with John Arthur Green. Photo by Samuel Rushen

When Noah Putterman and John Arthur Greene performed in musicals at North Carolina Theatre in Raleigh, before and during their teen years, a friendship quickly formed. And so did a trend.

Casa Mañana adding cabaret theater as part of expansion by Mark Lowry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram


(11/10/16) In recent years, as Casa’s programs have experienced “exponential growth,” Jones said, including increased numbers of season ticket holders for its Broadway and Children’s Theatre series and increased enrollment in its Performing Arts Conservatory programs.